IIE PEER Expands Higher Education Opportunities for Displaced Students Worldwide

Only an estimated 1% of the 65 million displaced persons have access to higher education. Considering this great need, IIE launched the Platform for Education in Emergencies Response (IIE PEER) in March 2017. IIE PEER is a mobile-ready, low-bandwidth database which houses tertiary and non-degree opportunities for refugee and displaced students. Since its launch, IIE PEER has provided Syrian displaced students with reliable and up-to-date information on educational opportunities in a centralized location. We are pleased to announce that on May 28, IIE PEER will expand its services to other refugee and displaced student populations. Each week, IIE PEER will release articles detailing the higher education circumstances for those populations, feature educational opportunities, and share the work done by other organizations in these regions.  The featured countries will be: Colombia, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Nigeria, Ukraine, Yemen.



IIE President and CEO, Dr. Allan E. Goodman, speaks more on the need of increased higher education services for displaced students and IIE PEER's expansion in his article "If Not Now, Then When". 

To receive more information on the expansion, join IIE PEER’s Nele Feldmann and Sixtine Berquist for a Facebook Live Q&A on Tuesday, May 22 at 12 PM EST on the IIE Global Facebook page. 

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