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Educating refugees: Old ways of working aren’t good enough

Originally published by the Global Education Monitoring Report and reprinted with permission.

The plight of refugees is in the news every day, and not a moment too soon. Refugee children and adolescents suffer from having almost all of their rights taken from them at one point or another, if not all at the same time. Addressing their needs requires new thinking, and fast. Read more.

This nonprofit connects Syrian refugees to American students for language lessons via Skype

Originally published by and reprinted with permission.

In 2013, while studying at Carleton College in Minnesota, Bailey Ulbricht spent two months on the Turkish/Syrian border. There she met Syrian refugees who wanted to return to school but couldn’t — Turkish universities required English language skills that many lacked. Ulbricht figured she could help, at least in the case of a few friends. Read more.

Barnard Responds to Syrian Crisis Through Creation of the Ann and Andrew Tisch Scholarship for Refugee Women

Originally published by Barnard College and reprinted with permission.

“Like millions of people,” says Ann Tisch, “we witness the horror of what’s going on in Syria and other nations around the globe. By sponsoring and funding this scholarship, we can make a contribution. We hope that the Barnard scholarship will become a copycat initiative, with other colleges inspired to follow this example.” Read more.

American schools offer scholarships for Syrian students displaced by war

Originally published by The Washington Post and reprinted with permission.

Sinan Zeino had almost completed college when war got in the way. In 2013, Zeino was just six credits short of graduating from Al-Baath University in Syria. Then, one day on his commute to school, the bus in front of the one he was riding in drove over a land mine and exploded. Read more.

Student Senate hears presentation, considers ‘saving a seat’ for Syrian refugees

Originally published by The Flat Hat and reprinted with permission.

During Tuesday night’s Student Assembly (SA) senate meeting, Class of 2020 President Kelsey Vita introduced a bill that would codify SA support of the College of William and Mary becoming a member of the Institute for International Education and the Syria Consortium. Read more