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American schools offer scholarships for Syrian students displaced by war

Originally published by The Washington Post and reprinted with permission.

Sinan Zeino had almost completed college when war got in the way. In 2013, Zeino was just six credits short of graduating from Al-Baath University in Syria. Then, one day on his commute to school, the bus in front of the one he was riding in drove over a land mine and exploded. Read more.

Student Senate hears presentation, considers ‘saving a seat’ for Syrian refugees

Originally published by The Flat Hat and reprinted with permission.

During Tuesday night’s Student Assembly (SA) senate meeting, Class of 2020 President Kelsey Vita introduced a bill that would codify SA support of the College of William and Mary becoming a member of the Institute for International Education and the Syria Consortium. Read more

We are in danger of losing an entire generation of Syrian students

Originally published by Times Higher Education and reprinted with permission.

Not since the Second World War has the world faced a greater refugee crisis. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the number of refugees exceeds 65 million worldwide, and almost 5 million of those refugees are from Syria. Read more

Student petitions UW-Madison to aid Syrian refugees with accessing higher education

Originally published by The Daily Cardinal and reprinted with permission.

Host countries often offer Syrian refugees an elementary education, but refugees that seek higher education in their new states frequently face logistical and financial barriers. One UW-Madison student has started a movement to urge the university to aid her Syrian counterparts. Read more

Educating Syria’s Rebuilders

Originally published by The Jordan Times and reprinted with permission.

In Aleppo, the devastated Syrian city and former rebel stronghold that has now been retaken by Syrian government forces, there was a glimmer of hope even as the bombs were falling. Amid the ruins, learning endured, as 15 young Syrians prepared for their university exams. Read More

Syria Loses Students Needed to Rebuild It’s Future

Originally published by BBC and reprinted with permission.

An entire generation of Syrians has had its education truncated, and the country's once flourishing academic community has been scattered or driven underground. The scale of the problem, according to the president of the Institute of International Education (IIE), Allan Goodman, is "unprecedented" in the near 100-year history of his New-York based organization. Read More