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Online Course at OpenupED

OpenupEd is, worldwide, one of the largest MOOC providers for higher education. We consider MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to be: online courses designed for large numbers of participants, can be accessed by anyone anywhere…

Scholarship at Kiron

Kiron is partnering with local Universities to deliver a blended learning project in the Jordanian Higher Education context, in which 20 refugees and local disadvantaged students are enabled to obtain an accredited undergraduate degree in Business…
26 August, 2018

Language Learning at Tsinghua University

This introductory Chinese language course will emphasize basic language skills for everyday life in Mandarin speaking countries. The course utilizes pinyin, the standard system of romanized spelling for transliterating Chinese, so learners will find it…

Language Learning at Accem

Accem plays a large role in the training and social integration of immigrants and refugees residing in many of the Temporary Residency Centers for Immigrants (CETI). In Melilla, Accem strives to meet the basic training…

Language Learning at ALISON

Introduction to Spanish is a free online language course that will take you through the basics of saying hello and goodbye, please and thanks, introducing yourself as well as how to count and use dates.…

Language Learning at Refugee Phrase Book

Refugee Phrasebook provides useful phrases and information for newcomers. So far it has compiled a free online medical, legal, and orientation phrasebook in 44 languages for refugees and those helping them.

Language Learning at The Open University

This module follows on from Viento en popa: upper intermediate Spanish (L204). It continues to develop your knowledge and understanding of the society and culture of Spain and Latin America and to extend the practical…

Scholarship at Chatham University

Chatham offers over 40 undergraduate majors in sustainability, the health & lab sciences, business & communication, and the arts & humanities. All tuition is covered as part of this scholarship. Students must have the ability to pay for Room,…
01 February, 2018

Scholarship at United Nations University

Scholarships provided through the Japan Foundation for UNU (JFUNU) are based on application selection results. Only applicants that are accepted for enrolment in the UNU-IAS PhD in Sustainability Science programme can be considered as candidates…
27 April, 2018