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Language Learning at SESC São Paulo

SESC São Paulo has been carrying out work to assist refugees in agreements with Senac, Caritas, the Archdiocesan of São Paulo and the UNHCR. The work covers subsidized food (for about six months),…

Scholarship at The University of Manchester

The Article 26 scholarship is intended to help those seeking asylum in the UK to progress into higher education. The Article 26 Scholarship will cover the full cost of the tuition fees for a maximum of the…
08 June, 2018

Language Learning at The Open University

Introduction to translation theory and practice. In this online module, you will explore different approaches to translation and develop an understanding of the links between theory and practice. With a focus on recent research, you…

Scholarship at United Nations University

Scholarships provided through the Japan Foundation for UNU (JFUNU) are based on application selection results. Only applicants that are accepted for enrolment in the UNU-IAS PhD in Sustainability Science programme can be considered as candidates…
27 April, 2018

Scholarship at University of Stirling

The University of Stirling is offering one Fee Waiver to a Syrian applicant who holds an offer of a place on any Postgraduate Masters course for entry in 2018/19. Awards will be offered in the form…
01 April, 2018

Language Learning at Future Learn

This program of six free online Spanish courses, created by The Open University, will help you develop your skills in Spanish at a basic level and introduce you to the Spanish-speaking world.

Language Learning at Alliance Française de Moldavie

The French Institute of Moldova is one four organizations (the Goethe Institut, the British Council, and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation) in the cadre dedicated to reinforcing relations over the long term between the European Union…

Online Course at OpenupED

OpenupEd is, worldwide, one of the largest MOOC providers for higher education. We consider MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to be: online courses designed for large numbers of participants, can be accessed by anyone anywhere…

Online Course at Unite for Sight

This online course describes patient barriers to care, innovations in healthcare, and education for those in refugee camps as well as for resettled refugees. This course also discusses refugee camp economies, local social entrepreneurship, and…