673 opportunities

Scholarship at Daughters for Life Foundation

The Daughters for Life Foundation offers full scholarships for Undergraduate courses. We have a number of partnerships with leading academic institutions with whom we have developed our scholarship program. In conjunction with our partners, we…
12 January, 2018

Scholarship at Roger Williams University School of Architecture

This is a full tuition scholarship for graduate students at the Roger Williams University School of Architecure. Students are responsible for room and board, health insurance, as well as non-college costs such as travel, books,…
01 February, 2018

Scholarship at Newcastle University

The Newcastle University welcomes applications from asylum seekers. If you were to undertake an Undergraduate degree programme as an Asylum Seeker, you would normally pay International tuition fees. Newcastle University offers a limited number of…
15 January, 2018

Scholarship at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences

“Open Class for Refugees” is an initiative started by Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) to provide asylum seekers and recognized refugees with access to education and help them improve their future prospects. Open Class…

Language Learning at Bielefeld University

Intensive language course with 28 hours per week Level A2 to C1: from beginner to the DSH examination. Intensive support in terms of tutorials, and accompanying program free of cost for refugees for enrollment as a…
15 January, 2018

Language Learning at Belfast Works Lemis + Project

Participants on the LEMIS+ Project are able to undertake a range of training in areas such as ICT, childcare, language for work (a special course designed for foreign national clients who need help with their…

Language Learning at Adus

The Adus, Institute of Refugee Reintegration - Brazil, was born with the mission of seeking new alternatives to the integration of refugees living in Brazil. They offer beginner Portuguese language learning opportunities for refugees.

Scholarship at Western Sydney University

The Western Sydney University is offering the Western Sydney University Refugee Scholarship. It includes $7,500 per year for the duration of the degree, applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents who have been granted a…
04 January, 2018

Scholarship at Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona

To meet the needs of the refugees, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona has created training courses in Catalan, Spanish, and English. There are 10 scholarships for undergraduate enrollments available for refugees. There is also…