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Refugee Support Network

Refugee Support Network provides a range of services which help 15-25 year olds seeking safety in the UK to get into, stay in, and do well in education. The services offered include educational mentoring, specialist educational support, higher education mentoring, and more.

Trampoline House

Trampoline House is an independent community center in Copenhagen that provides refugees and asylum seekers in Denmark with a place of support, community, and purpose. Their vision is an asylum system where everyone can work, live, and participate in society, through Job training and Education, Democratic Practice, System awareness and counseling, Social networking, and Strategic Partnerships. Every year, Trampoline House's community includes 200 asylum seeking interns/job trainees, 180 volunteers, 40 student interns, 2 job trainees, and about 1,000 visitors and guests!


ECE® Aid is a charitable initiative developed by Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. to provide fee waivers for educational credential reports for vulnerable populations. While the ECE® Aid program initially launched with the intention of opening the door to education for refugees and asylum seekers, the scope has expanded to include those with temporary protected status, special immigrant status, and those affected by natural disasters or extreme hardship. ECE selects experienced, trusted agencies and institutions to distribute fee waiver vouchers to qualifying immigrants. ECE does not provide complimentary reports directly to individuals. ECE® Aid recipients receive the same trusted, high-quality, evaluation reports and customer service both students and higher education institutions have come to expect from ECE.

Hamburg, Germany - A Preliminary Case Study of Refugees in Towns

Unlike our other case studies, this project in Hamburg, Germany focused dominantly on one domain of integration - housing - and was not conducted by a localized researcher. We feel the findings are nonetheless important and compelling, revealing critical good practices and challenges with refugee integration. Additionally, a localized perspective was achieved through the depth of the connection to Hamburg by MIT's International Service and Technology Initiative.

This work is a case study of the Refugees in Towns (RIT) Project of the Feinstein International Center (FIC) at the Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy.


EdSeed is a crowdfunding social network connecting students with donors and mentors who support their higher education and journey to economic independence.

Higher Education for Refugees in Low Resource Environments: Research Study

This report presents the findings from a year-long research study which analyzes different approaches to providing higher education for refugees. Another publication (Higher Education for Refugees in Low-Resource Environments: Landscape Review) has also stemmed from the same research, and it is best to read both in combination. The objectives of the Research Study are to compare existing models offering access to higher education to refugee students in low-resource environments, to deliver insights about how pedagogy can or should change when marginalized populations are at the center of higher education, and finally, to inform future strategies for programs providing higher education for refugees.

Higher Education for Refugees in Low Resource Environments: Landscape Review

The purpose of the landscape review is to provide a comprehensive mapping of programs providing higher education for refugees. Another publication (Higher Education for Refugees in Low-Resource Environments: Research Study) has also stemmed from the same research, and it is best to read both in combination. The landscape's review has three main objectives; the first is to understand the different types of programs that are in operation. The second objective is to explore the significance of academic, technological and pedagogical approaches, and finally, the third is to facilitate comparative analysis between modalities.


OpenStax is a nonprofit based at Rice University, with a mission to improve student access to education. Their first openly licensed college textbook was published in 2012, and their library since scaled to more than 20 books for college and AP courses used by hundreds of thousands of students. The adaptive learning technology, designed to improve learning outcomes through personalized educational paths, is being piloted in college courses across the country. Through partnerships with philanthropic foundations and alliance with other educational resource companies, OpenStax is breaking down the most common barriers to learning and empowering students and instructors to succeed.

Research Gate

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