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Student Refugees

Do you have refugee status and wish to access higher education? Find the information you need on Student Refugees, and ask for a personal guide to help you along the way. Student Refugees is a student-driven project assisting people with a refugee status to access higher education programs in Denmark, and supporting them after they have been accepted.

Together Project

Together Project connects refugee newcomers and Canadians to build stronger, more integrated communities. They match welcome groups of five or more volunteers with newly arrived refugees for friendship and social support.

Trampoline House

Trampoline House is an independent community center in Copenhagen that provides refugees and asylum seekers in Denmark with a place of support, community, and purpose. Their vision is an asylum system where everyone can work, live, and participate in society, through Job training and Education, Democratic Practice, System awareness and counseling, Social networking, and Strategic Partnerships. Every year, Trampoline House's community includes 200 asylum seeking interns/job trainees, 180 volunteers, 40 student interns, 2 job trainees, and about 1,000 visitors and guests!

JUMA Refugees Map Services

This map is the realization of the services in Italy that are aimed at asylum seekers and holders of international and humanitarian protection. The services include, but are not limited to, shelter, health care, education, and work orientation.

Perspektiven - Studium

Created by the Swiss Students' Association, Perspektiven - Studium is a resource for prospective refugee students in Switzerland to learn about entry requirements, finances, the Swiss education system, and languages. The website gives specific information on the different situations in the country's 26 cantons, and higher education institutions. Although the website is only in German at the moment, the association plans to translate the content into English and French as soon as possible! This is the first nationwide information portal of its kind.

OutReATH Map

The OutReATH Map by Campfire Innovation in Athens is an outreach service for refugees to help them settle in Athens. The map designates areas and events where you could find free clothes, local markets and bazaars, free cooked meals, hygiene facilities, health service, legal advice, social activities, and educational opportunities.

Make it in Germany

The Make it in Germany website is the destination for anyone thinking of moving to Germany. From an introduction to Germany as a whole, with its culture, politics, and society, to job opportunities, learning opportunities, and visa information, this website will help you settle in and feel at home. You can contact Make it in Germany by email, chat, or hotline, in English or German!

Chatterbox - A Language Tutoring Platform Delivered By Refugees

Chatterbox is a platform designed to give refugees with advanced degrees and valuable skills a chance to be trained and then teach their mother tongues online. Students can also sign up to learn a language, and the fact that they may be learning from someone of the same background can break many cultural limits in teaching. The online and in-person language learning industry was valued at $58.2 Billion in 2011, giving many a chance to learn and teach. While educating students all over the world, this platform also helps refugees' integration in their new homes.