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What Career Counselors Need to Know About Refugees

An overview of the ongoing refugee crisis, in addition to the challenges of dealing with this humanitarian crisis, and specific ways that leaders can be involved. This article offers several points on how people can help refugees, by both raising awareness, and honest, dedicated work.

Counselling Refugee Young People: An Exploration of Therapeutic Approaches

This paper presents and discusses the key findings from a study that considered significant issues that affect refugees and asylum‐seekers, and explored beneficial counselling approaches relevant to this group. In‐depth narrative interviews were conducted with three counselors and three specialist children’s support advisers. Data was analysed using the methods of comparative analysis and theme mapping from a grounded theory approach.

Help for the Helpers: Caring for Yourself When Assisting Others

Helping members of your community who have been through a traumatic experience can be very rewarding, but it can also take a toll on you bother personally and professionally....The following are some ways to make sure you're taking care of yourself so you can continue to take care of others.

Helping Students in Troubling Times

Suggestions and resources to consider as you provide ongoing support to your students from the American School Counselor Association. This resource also contains a list of links for further help teaching students who are passing through tough times; from webinars and magazines, to books and counselling, there is a wide array of options available.

Recognition of Refugee & Other Non-Verifiable Credentials

Discusses best practices for development of a university process for admission of persons with unofficial or non-verifiable credentials. Several problems may arise when a refugee applies for university, from interrupted periods of education and inability to provide official proof of educational achievements, to only having unofficial documentation, and having attended unrecognized refugee camp schools. This resource provides insight towards solving these issues.

Supporting International Students from Countries Dealing with Trauma

When traumatic events occur in the home countries of their international students, international student advisers on U.S. campuses spring into action. While there is nothing they can do about the events abroad - political upheavals, natural disasters, wars, and other tragedies - there is a lot they can do to ease the anxieties of students far from their homes. These international students are in need of advisers' support because they might be unable to reach their families and may quickly face the stresses of health, financial, and legal issues.

Advising International Students in an Age of Anxiety

This White Paper from the Institute of International Education (IIE) shares initial information on steps taken by U.S. campuses and higher education associations in support of students from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) currently enrolled or hoping to study in the United States. It is the second edition, which follows publication of a previous Green Paper in March 2017. Following submissions from campuses across the U.S., additional content was added to reflect what is being done in response to the two Executive Orders, and what measures campuses continue to take in this time of uncertainty.

Tips on Refugee Youth College Preparation

College preparation programs help refugee youth to develop the skills, knowledge, confidence, and aspirations they need to enroll in higher education. (1) It is important for refugee youth to understand the role of completing high school and continuing post-secondary education in order to increase self sufficiency, improve employment prospects and raise income potential. Completion of some college, even one semester at a community college, consistently leads to higher average lifetime earnings. (2)

Guidelines for Creating Your CV

The following is a short guide with the key points to follow when creating a CV, including some more specific advice aimed at refugees and asylum seekers. This resource will go over all details pertaining to one's CV, including spelling and grammar, formatting, phrasing, content, and much more. A very effective guide to writing a first CV, or updating a previous one.